Saturday, January 30, 2010

French size

I just bought this amazingly comfortable organic cotton shirt by Nike and Parra, a sweet dutch artist who has had a couple of shows here in Paris since we've been here. Without question the shirt is all kinds of rad but it's the size that i want to comment on.
I brought two nike t-shirts with me from the states, they are both size large and fit perfectly. My new Parra shirt is a size XL(they were out of Large and it was on sale) and it fits tight. Often time a shirt will have a few different sizes listed US, UK and Euro, all different but the US size is always the largest. Do we do it to make ourselves(as Americans) feel better? I'm sure if I told a Parisian I wore a Large they would look at me like I was crazy since a Large is really a medium to us. I'm gonna have to be more careful with my shirt purchases.

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