Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wolfmother Bataclan Show

Jeremy and I caught the almighty Wolfmother at our neighborhood music venue La Bataclan on monday night. I caught a Wolfmother show in Oklahoma about three years ago so I knew we were in for a full on rock show but I really had no idea.

Alright, you watched the above video, now imagine that times 100. The energy level at the Paris gig was off the charts. They kicked off the show with Dimension and ended the encore with Joker and the Thief and rocked the entire time in between. Andrew, the singer/guitarist, mentioned several times that this was the best show of the tour and twice said that they should play Paris every three months.

French crowds still surprise me, this show saw all the elements of a midwest rock show; lots of leather jackets, mosh pits and crowd surfers. I guess i'm all ways expecting the crowds here to be quiet and fairly reserved like the Montreal audiences.

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