Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vic remembered

NPR has a great piece on Fresh Air with the interview they did with Vic Chesnutt just a few weeks before he took his life and a second part with three of his closest friends sharing their rememberences of him. Michael Stipe, Guy Piccotto and Jem Cohen all have really heartwarming things to say. It makes me think I should get out and make more friends and do more awesome things so I can field at least three people to say nice things about me when I die.
Thanks to Phil I was lucky enough to see Vic Chesnutt on his second to last tour with Elf Power here in Paris. It was a pretty amazing performance and although I wasn't much of a fan going in for the simple fact that I had never really listened to him, I came out a convert.

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phil said...

You are welcome. I was glad I got to see him as well. Thanks to you for living in Paris so that I could see him.