Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chloe at the Cains

Chloe's first show was last weekend. I had to get her to a show at the Cain's before we move toVermont so when the Starlight Mints came to town I knew it would be perfect. G! was worried but everything worked out perfectly. You wouldn't believe the dancing that took place. Here are my girls getting down. Chloe's dance involved a dizzying number of spins and needed lots of room. Unfortunately Chloe didn't pace herself and was forced to sit out the last few songs of the Mint's set. The first band was really good but I never caught their name. The second band was The Octopus Project and they were great. The started the show with giant outlets on their heads. They play a hardcore instrumental dance thing. Really cool in concert but I'm not sure how it would hold up on disc.
Here are the ladies takin a break between sets. I can't tell you how much power these two have over me, it's scary and wonderful at the same time. I love them both a disgusting amount.
You can't see it but thank god they put a Minor stamp on Chloe's hand.

Here we are right before the octopus Project took the stage, can you see the big green robot ghost things on stage?
I also bought a sweeet Cain's sweat jacket.
By the way the shirt Chloe has on was mine when i was in elementary school.


SpanksDia said...

Chloe is going to be a goth death metal club kid :
the most rebellious teen in the history of
either of your families.
Good thing for you Mark you prevailed on taking her
to Cain's.
It could be seen as mitigating later.

Hey - nice shot of Lulu's ass BTW.

Lindsey-Lu said...

you are the cutest daddy ever!

kingdomforavoice said...

It's tyhe mustache right?

Anonymous said...

I'd fuck that mu-stache. PG

lua said...

and we love you, too. you can do no wrong in her eyes, you know. nor mine, i suppose... especially after i spent a day in paris and you are in sapulpa working two jobs and caring for my kids and dog- do not forget to feed my dog, ok?