Sunday, May 07, 2006

This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

I watched the ACL fest broadcast of the Arcade Fire's set today... what an amazing performance. And if you can believe it their show the night before was even better. Chloe knows the names of all the members of the band. She doesn't like to wear the homemade Arcade fire shirt I made her because no one knows who they are in first grade. But she does wear it on the weekends.
Ahhh the good life.

I rode my bike to work in the rain today. It was a lot of fun but of coarse my ass was soaked and my brakes didn't work very well. I guess I should have avoided the puddles but where's the fun in that? Is it good that I keep wanting to jump something on my bike? Not like a row of trucks, a flaming hoop or a shark in a tank but just a nice dirt jump. I suppose I'm too old for that shit but it is fun to bomb down a hill as fast as possible. Maybe I should buy a helmet. I've been riding my bike quite a bit lately, I'd forgotten how much fun it is to ride... I'll try not to forget again.
I'm beginning to feel a bit jealous that G! is going to France again. One of these days.
I heard from PG the other day, he is alive and kicking. That kid always lands on his feet.
I need to make Lisa a couple of kick ass mix cds before we move.
I washed my thumb drive and it is still working.

The spell chack wanted me to change "Ahhh" to "Ahoy". I might just do that.


lua said...

spell check wants you to change coarse to course and washed to wished, too... but it still loves you and your bike.
i never have the urge to jump, but i do like to glide w/ my feet straight out- off the pedals, head tilted back and eyes closed...(kind of like the girl in the picture)fresh air is invigorating and bikes are great for that - plus that feeling of freedom is fabulous.

B.J. said...

Can you give me a pump to the convenience store?

Anonymous said...

I pumped him to the store already! Back Off! Spell check is for losers & knobs. Your to punk for spellcheck.PG