Monday, May 01, 2006

The weekend

I thought I'd do a recap of the great weekend we just had in pictures. They are not all in order. Saturday morning was spent at the farmers market and walking around cherrystreet. I'm sure you noticed how hip LB is. First check the emo haircut, then the deconstructed suit jacket over the nike tee and then the red sweats and a pair of crocs to finish off the outfit. Sweet.
They arrived Friday and then it commenced to rain all weekend long. Needless to say they stayed in. I probably tried them on a dozen times. Sorry about the addidas socks.
Sunday afternoon with the ladies. I've got to say that G! and her friends (at least the ones in these pictures and that's Britton's lap and boob so she's included) get better looking as they get older... what's up with that?
What an awesome laugh. She has probably just told a funny story highlighting the fact that sneakerheads are a little crazy, and she's right.


lindsey-lu said...

how come your kids are cooler than me?

sumobeats said...

Liam is stylin' think i could pull this outfit off?
Hey I reserved a rental car so you don't have to worry about picking me up from the airport, I'll call you soon to discuss.

ryan said...

GREETINGS FROM THE BEACH!!! Bout to head to Mexico