Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ok is Ok

I am way behind on the posts but i'll try to catch up. My only excuse is that school just ended friday.
Anywho two weekeds ago my brother was in town for a wedding and we spent an entire day together something we haven't done in years. We started with a breakfast at the new greasy little cafe at the end of our street. G!, ryan luke and i got caught up and ate. When we walked back to the house our parents were waiting. I guess i should say that we all got together that morning because caleb was recieving the outstanding boy of the sixth grade. We got to the gym where the assembly culminating in the award was being held and Judy whipped out this sweet fan. (It wasn't hot.) I agree with Luke's comment"it would be a lot cooler if there were knives in that thing".
We thought it was funny.

Caleb got the award. G! went back to work and luke and i went to lunch with bob and judy, right after that bob bought a new harley. We tried on goggle, do-rags and helmets(where are those pictures luke?) It wasn't as cool as it sounds. We then met up with G! again and did some shopping. Finally we went to see The Da Vinci Code where we ate a large tup of popcorn BEFORE THE MOVIE EVEN STARTED. We are hardcore.

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SpanksDia said...

Caleb is such a Stud.
He can even get by with those #@*% shorts and probably
still get laid before you blow outta OK.

Claudia and I each pledged to join his new religion
whenever he starts it.