Monday, November 06, 2006

Decemberists @ The Metropolis Montreal

Colin Meloy(former high school French Club President) and the rest of the Decemberists put on a fantastic show at The Metropolis in Montreal on Sunday night. Getting across the border was a bit of a bother but with a stomach full of great Sushi and in the midst of a group of very cool, interesting people we arrived at the venue in plenty of time. In true Decemberists style, the hall was filled with the sounds of Peter and the Wolf as we collected drinks and merchandise before making our way to the floor. Let me take a moment to say that the Metropolis is a great venue. Nice sound and not a bad seat in the house. All three shows that I've attended since moving north have been in very cool spaces. You can tell from the picture above that the Decemberist's stage set was decidedly Asian flavored. It's nice to see that the band has put some thought into every aspect of the show.
The set list was dead on. They kicked it off with something from each album before playing the bulk of their new release The Crane Wife and then finished up with a new track and some old favorites. While Castaways is still my favorite album the new offering is a great solid effort. The Decemberist have managed to keep their string of interesting and engaging albums alive.
The band's energy was amazing. Having never really seen them(across a field while waiting for the Arcade Fire at ACL) I expected the show to be a little more sedate. Colin makes a great frontman, engaging the crowd, ironically rocking out and making ample use of his high school level French. The crowd seemed to like the "crooked French-Canadian" line from July! July! Above you can see Colin singing into a fan's cell phone. He also grabbed a few cameras from fans and took pictures from the stage before handing them back.

The band also acted out a battle between the red coats the huganots and the Indians during a break in the song "A Cautionary Song". You can see the new member Leslie in front of the mallet held by Chris, They were right there beside us. Overall it was another great concert experience in a city that I am beginning to like more and more. A big thanks to False45th for the ride(I owe you gas money) and Bill and Emily from Candleblog for the company.

Download - The Decemberists - July! July! - from Castaways & Cut-Outs

Download - The Decemberists - The Perfect Crime #2 - from The Crane Wife

Candleblog has a short post on the show.

False 45th took some good video that I'm sure will be posted soon.

I took a pretty decent video of A Cautionary Tale that is too big for youtube, any suggestions?


The Trick said...

I was at this show! Thanks for the pics. It looks like you must have been almost right beside me.

Anonymous said...

Nice review of the show. One of these days, I'll get my ass around to posting about it too. In the meantime, here are a few videos I shot:

You don't owe me any gas money. You gave me money for both trips during the Art Brut show.

By the way, my friend Greg picked me up a ticket for the Hold Steady show. So, I'm definitely going. Let me know if you decide to go. We can pick you up on the way down I-89.

If you need any additional incentive, it's the last stop on The Hold Steady's tour. That yielded a kick ass show out of the WAS, AB, Spintos tour.

Good to see you again.

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