Friday, November 03, 2006

Willie Nelson - Songbird

The new Willie Nelson album Songbird is now out. As you know Ryan Adams produced the disc and he and his Cardinals are the backing band for Willie on this great disc. Willie's previous disc Countryman has been growing on me since I picked it up several months ago but this one doesn't take any time to warm up to. Willie sounds great and the Cardinals really breath life into some of Willie's classics as well as some covers and a couple of new tunes.

Download - Willie Nelson - $1000 Wedding(Gram Parsons cover)

Download - Willie Nelson - We Don't Run (Classic)

Download - Willie Nelson - Sad songs and Waltzes(One of Okryan's favorites)

Aquarium Drunkard has an even better review of the album as well as an mp3 of the song Ryan wrote for the album.

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unhappy reader said...

BRING BACK PINK!!! Who cares about willie and ryan? we want PINK!