Friday, August 10, 2007

Band of Horses/ Love as Laughter/ Higher Ground

From what i could tell from last night's show, Band of Horses have been doing two things since Everything all the Time came out; writing great songs and growing kick ass beards. My wife went to the show with me, something that happens too rarely because shows with her are always fun, she knows what she wants to hear and does what she can to make it happen. If you were at the show you probably heard someone yelling out "St. Augustine" between most songs, that was her. While they didn't play St. Augustine they did play most of the album along with quite a few great songs from the upcoming(Oct. 9th) disc(False 45th has a picture of the set list. For up to the minute coverage and photos see False 45th, they had their review up about 45 minutes after the band walked off stage!). The band was funny and talkative during the show and sounded great. It's hard to get over the fact that the vocals sound exactly like they do on disc. It's really amazing that he can hit those notes night after night. I have to take a moment and comment on how hilarious the final song was, i would have thought it would be titled "Don't get fucked on a Tuesday" but apparently it is called "Earl". Before playing it Ben explained that the record company didn't like it so it didn't make the album. At one point in the song it veered close to a hoedown.

Love as Laughter put on a solid set, part of Band of Horses came out and played on a couple of the more rocking tunes. In concert you can hear a bit of country in the indie rock of Love as Laughter. I spent a few minutes talking to the drummer between sets and most of the songs in the set are from an upcoming album they are finishing up now the ep i bought at the show contains some of the songs that will ultimately appear on the album.
Download - Love as Laughter - Coconut Flakes
Download - Band of Horses - Bass Song(Our Swords Demo)

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Damn, sounds good!! I'm jealous.