Friday, August 03, 2007

Lets get physical

I had a woman come into work today looking for a workout cd not a cd to workout to but something that was made specifically to motivate you while working out(she basically wanted it to say Workout in the title). All I could find were some yoga companion cds and dance mixes for workouts neither of which she wanted. The woman kept saying she wanted "something fast like the Rolling Stones". Guess how I remedied this problem, that's right, i talked her into the Rolling Stones Greatest Hits. I should have told her to go across the street and buy an ipod and put whatever she wants on it.
Any way during the search we talked about what type of music is good to work out to and that made me think of an interview with Henry Rollins i read years ago where he talked about how he works out to slower music so he can focus on his breathing. She was all for really uptempo stuff I, like Rollins, prefer something a bit mellower, but then i'm in terrible shape.

Download - Black Flag - Rise Above

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sumobeats said...

I prefer something upbeat for cardio and hip hop for weights...