Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Igloo Tornado Goodness

This box showed up on my doorstep yesterday chock full of Igloo Tornado goodness and light.
Look at this stuff, Zines, t-shirts a graphic novel, the Igloo Tornado boys have been busy.
Here is the product i was most excited about, the Losergoes1st X Lace lock Losers shirt. The graphic is very involved and looks great(The original art looks like it will be on sale soon). Take a moment to notice the custom tag, the reverse even has a print on it. You can kind of see in the second picture that it came in its own silk screened bag, attention to detail kids.
Check the wicked new Igloo Tornado shirt.
Here's my signed copy of Tom's new graphic novel The Blot. Check it out, it's genius.
The new Henry and Glenn is as funny as the first but with 100% more Hall & Oates. Somehow the guys got Henry Rollins to actually autograph a copy(i assume no one was killed in the process) stop by the Igloo Tornado site to see the pictures. Another gem is the zine of poetry inspired by the movie Highlander. I know some of this stuff is still available email to see what's available.


sumobeats said...

Very cool stuff! You left your love letter in there. I think it was supposed to be something like:

Thanks for your support, on your knees!

Karate Chop!

Anonymous said...

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