Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Double Nickels

Before we moved to Vermont we got rid of a lot of stuff, although looking at our garage it seems like we didn't get rid of enough stuff. I got rid of three boxes of cassette tapes, one carrier full went to Ryan and two big boxes went to goodwill. I hadn't had a tape player in a couple of years so it wasn't a big deal but a lot of the stuff on tape i still don't have on disc or in mp3 so it's time to start rebuilding.
The Minutemen's Double Nickels on a Dime is a great disc. You probably don't need me to talk about the significance of this disc or how it's supposedly a one up of Zen Arcade. I'd never claim to be a punk rocker but some of the stuff that came out of the punk/hardcore scene really speaks to me even today when I'm probably way too old to be listening to it. I had a conversation with a twenty something at work the other day, he had on a jacket with a big misfits patch on the back and a jerry bear on the front(i shit you not) and he had on glasses that looked like the ones the lead singer of the descendants used to wear. To make a long story shirt he'd never even heard of the Descendants although he did like the clash but again had no idea who the minutemen were. I felt old.
Download - Minutemen - Political song for Michael Jackson to sing
Download - Minutemen - Shit from an old notebook

By the way i got in trouble(from the wife) for listening to Danzig and Black Flag videos the other night. I do what i want.


OKRyan said...

"Strangeways, here we come" is still in my tape player for the occasion I forget my ipod

OKRyan said...

you are so punk

g! said...

yeah, and your ripped jeans will NOT go to France. could you PLEASE remove the mattress from the yard & get your camero off the cement block-while you are getting rid of stuff?