Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The books I've read

In addition to music i also like books. Here are the books I read in 2007 in the order i read them. The * denote a graphic novel.

1. Children of Men P.D. James

2. A Grave Tattoo Val McDermid

3. The Devil’s Feather Minette Walters

4. The Blade Itself

5. Love is a Mixtape Rob Sheffield

6. Judgement Ridge

7. The Walking Dead Vol I *

8. The Walking Dead Vol II *

9. Alternadad Neil Pollack

10. The Walking Dead Vol III *

11. The Walking Dead Vol IV *

12. Black Monday

13. Leave Me Alone I’m Reading Corrigen

14. Mistress of the Art of Death Ariana Franklin

15. Escape of the living Dead *

16. Pattern Recognition William Gibson

17. Uglies

18. A Gentlemen Abroad Bridges and Curtis

19. Strange Son Portia Iverson

20. Daniel half Human David Chotjewitz

21. Dress your Family in Corduroy and Denim David Sedaris

22. Hitler Youth: Growing up in Hitler’s Shadow Susan Benbletti

23. Blood and Chocolate

24. The Shakespeare Riots

25. Pretties

26. Specials

27. This land was made for you and me Elizabeth Partridge

28. 13 Bullets David Wellington

29. Childhoods End Arthur C. Clarke

30. Five People Who Died Having Sex

31. Andy Warhol: Prince of Pop

32. French by Heart Rebecca Ramsey

33. The Harlequin Laurell K. Hamilton

34. Children of Hurin J.R.R.Tolkien

35. Everybody Hurts

36. A Walk in the Woods Bill Bryson

37. Tales from Jabba’s Palace Kevin J. Andersen

38. Monster Island David Wellington

39. How to Survive a Horror Movie

40. March Up Country Weber Ringo

41. Mole People

42. Too Far From Home

43. Bridge to Terebithia

44. Escape: the Story of the Great Houdini Sid Fleischman

45. When the Emperor was Devine

46. Ananssi Boys Neil Gaiman

47. Green Mountain Boys

48. Deathly Hallows Rowling

49. Hole in My Life Jack Gantos

50. Inca Gold Clive Cussler

51. The Lovely Bones Alice Sebold

52. All I Did was Ask Terry Gross

53. No Reservations Anthony Bourdain

54. Island of Dr. Moreau H.G. Wells

55. 2001 Nights Yukinobu Hoshimo *

56. My Boring Ass Life Kevin Smith

57. Sold Patricia McCormick

58. Stiff Mar Roach

59. The Glorious Cause Jeff Shaara

60. State of Fear Micheal Crighton

61. A Man Called Kev Garth Ennis *


G! said...

HA! I still win! Yah wooo!

losergoes1st said...

your favorite was?

andrea said...

God bless. That is a lot of books. I thought I was doing good with 15 books....