Friday, January 11, 2008

Notes on the Mars Volta show

This show left me speechless so instead of a proper review here are some random notes.
Almost three straight hours of face-melting rock.
For such a serious sounding band the members seemed to be having a lot of fun.
They never stop playing. They slow down and one person will retune but the music never stops... unless it's part of the song and then they stop and start on a dime.
Higher Ground has the coldest beer on tap, it's a degree away from being a slushie.
After a few beers and some incredibly hard complex rock my wife feels like she should talk shit about Iron & Wine.
The hair is even more impressive in person.
I know the names to none of the Mars Volta songs... except The Widow... which they played. I'm pretty sure I also heard Wax Simulacra.
It was hot in HG but they never took off their jackets.
Cedric and Omar both did their funky dances.
Nice t-shirts but how bout one with tour dates?
My ears were still ringing at noon the next day.

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