Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Stuff

Is this really Neko Case? I have my tickets so i'll just hope she wears this number in a couple of weeks. According to her web site this little new England tour is a chance for her to test drive some of the material for her new album.
My current obsession the Mars Volta will be on Letterman this Thursday(17th). They are also on the cover of the new issue of Harp.

I'm still laughing about the latest post on What would Jesus Blog?.


g! said...

I am sorry, but I cannot help but feel (after that show) that Sam Beam is one lazy mother effer. He just sits there. Those guys (Mars Volta) earn their concert $$. (and then some) They know how to enter-freaking-tain. And I loved every second of it! I am just not sure he (Sam) can transport me or melt my face...but I woulds give him a chance, fo sho.

sumobeats said...

Heard a cool cover from Mars Volta of a sugarcubes song on pitchfork yesterday...