Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Neko Case or Not enough squirrels in rock these days

I see some really good performers so i don't know why i was so surprised when Neko walked up to the microphone opened her mouth and sounded like Neko Case. That voice is so amazing on record that it's surprising that it sounds just like that and maybe even a little fuller in person, i think my jaw hit the floor. Neko looked good, sounded great and, who knew, was really funny. The show wasn't very long, maybe an hour and a half but she managed to fit in a bunch of songs from her last couple of albums along with a Tom Petty cover and probably six new songs(my favorite being Edge of the World). All of the new tunes seemed really strong. They are all in the vein of Fox Confessor. The entire show was a little less country then the album versions had lead me to expect.
There was a dog on stage(her backup singer's) who was completely unmoved by the performance, she explained that he was deaf and wasn't excited because there "weren't enough squirrels in rock these days". She also talked about being in Vermont for the past three weeks rehearsing for the tour and she spent a lot of time talking about Vermont's delicious french toast.

You may have noticed from the picture that i got one of the posters! That's never happened to me before. For some shows Higher Ground has an artist do a hand signed and numbered limited edition poster that they hand out at the end of the show. Now not every show has posters and I'm not sure what the criteria for a poster worthy show is but I finally got one.

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