Saturday, January 03, 2009

G's list

Gretchen, big time Jackson Pollack fan(she went to his new exhibition on Christmas day), law nerd and lady about town, has posted her best albums list. Check it out on her blog here, she also breaks down the differences in French law and American law in terms a layperson can almost understand. She is one wicked smart chick.


Andrea said...

Ummm yeah, so I think I will have to read G's explanation of frenchie law v americana again once I get some coffee....Yo lady is wicked smart and very pretty. bonus!

Oh, so art fact time.... Did you know that Jackson Pollock would often piss on artwork before selling it to someone he didn't care for? Isn't that crazy? (and awesome?!?)

alcoholics are wildly unpredictable.

kingdomforavoice said...

love it...(thanks Andrea)

I am sure you could have found a better picture.

I may have a few