Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Animal Collective

After much nagging by my lovely wife i listened to the new Animal Collective disc Merriweather Post Pavilion today. Gretchen kept telling me that it was different enough from previous releases that i would like it. She was right. I'll come right out and admit that i haven't liked any of the other Animal Collective releases and lord knows i've wanted to. Everyone knows you can't be anywhere near hip wihout loving Animal Collective so i've listened through each album wanting to like them.
I haven't put this on my best of '09 list yet but after a listen ad a half i can tell that this album is going to grow on me. I'm not saying i don't already like it, especially My Girls and Bluish, but even after half a second listen i've noticed some cool stuff i didn't notice the first time through. That having been said this wil probably be "in the mood" music, something that i have to want to listen to at the moment. Some things i hear and i'm imeddiatly in the mood to hear them, they put me in the mood, other things i won't listen to unless i'm "in the mood". Riding alone on the metro sitting in that perfect spot(the strapontain by itself away from the door that opens) on a snowy Paris morning seems to put me in the perfect mood for the new Animal Collective.

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