Thursday, January 08, 2009

Je suis Morrissey

I listened to the new Morrissey album once yesterday and twice today and I'm here to tell you that it is awesome. This is purebred late era Morrissey. The album kicks off with the words "I'm doing very well", i mean come on, how perfect is that? It seems like he's gotten better and better over the last two or three albums after a little slump. There are some gems on this album, i don't want to get overly excited and list every song on the album but standouts include; Something is Squeezing My Skull, I'm throwing my arms around Paris (I had to like that one right?), That's how people grow up, Sorry doesn't help. There are some great driving tracks on this album,some catchy tunes and the lyrics are right on and best of all it sounds just like Morrissey. Morrissey proves that he can sing the phone book and make it sound heartbreaking and profound, In Something is Squeezing My Skull he sings a list of drug names. I haven't even touched on how gleefully disturbing the album art is, i think i might have to buy this on vinyl and frame the sleeve.
This man's live show is not to be missed!
4/12/09 Bass Concert Hall Austin, Texas
6/2/09 Grand Rex Paris, France

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Luke and Kayla said...

oh wow, i'm all over this! Just got the new bike IPOD player would be great to listen to new Morrissey while ripping the streets of P'town with the fixies!