Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please do not let me go

Is Ryan Adams dropping out of music? His latest and last post on the Cardinals site seems to be his warning shot that this is indeed the end. We've heard crazy stuff from RA before but this sounds serious. I'm guessing he may be off the grid for a year or two but like Jordan he won't be able to stay away, someone with a gift like that can't give it up completely, can they? He has recently talked about cooling out and doing a couple of quiet solo records so maybe this is the first step towards something like that, a recharging of the spiritual battery. I keep telling myself not to freak out, besides if this is the end look at the body of work he's left behind, amazing. Does this mean that the box set will finally come out?

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Matt Gierhart said...

I bet he quits for a year or two. I agree that this time it is serious, mostly because he seems to be calm about the whole thing. This does look good for a box set or something, the songwriting pace he has put himself through since he was 19 is unreal.