Monday, October 10, 2005

ACL: Another Day

I don't know you tell me what PG is doing.
Alright I'll make this quick since nobody really cares(gimme some comments) I did start this so I'll go ahead and finish it. Before I do I will say that LSAT's and the play are both over so hopefully I'll be seeing more of G! and we will finally decide where we will be moving. And by the way never go to Ken's on someone's birthday, that place is cursed.
Saturday proved to be a much hotter day. After the Arcade Fire induced rocking we slept in till almost 9 before heading down to the "deluxe" breakfast. The deluxe means they had donuts. The juice tasted like I imagine piss would. After a quick stop at target and a lunch at church's chicken(a lot cheaper then festival food) we hit the festival. After the "camera incident" of which I will say nothing(talk to okryan for details) we headed over to see Split Lip Rayfield mainly because PG told us that one of them played a gasstank from a truck... and he did, nough said.
After that we found out that Kathleen Edwards had canceled her appearance!! So we checked out the fill in band who's title had elephant in it I think, they were pretty good, we didn't stay long. Instead we headed over t the gospel tent for some shade and uplifting and PG spotted JJ Gray of Mofro hanging out. He was just listening to the singers with a cute lady next to him. We talked to him for a few minutes and got a couple of pictures with him. Let me just say that he was very gracious.
We then split to check out Aqualung for a few minutes before heading over to see Mike Doughty's band. They played several awesome covers. Then it was off to see Buddy Guy who was amazing but cursed more then any one at the festival oddly enough.
Next up was The Frames a band I knew nothing about but okryan recommended and they ended up being one of the highlights of the festival. They cursed almost as much as Buddy Guy but with much cooler accents!
it was at this point that PG took off to catch the more jammy bands while we went indie. We were near the back of the crowd for Death Cab for Cutie and from what I could tell they put on a pretty good set, I'll have to catch them in a smaller setting. They did play my favorite song "A movie script ending". We left a little early to get a good spot for The Fiery Furnaces one of chloe's favorite bands. She wanted me to make sure and see them so I could tell her how they make all of those noises(keyboards). They put on a great set. The first half was mainly he "hits" and then they announced they were going to play some of the new stuff. When I heard that I was a bit worried because some of the new stuff I've heard lately didn't seem to really lend itself to a live setting but I was pleasantly surprised.
We caught a song of Jet and then grabbed some dinner.
We were a little late for the Bloc Party's set. It looked like everyone was there and we could quickly see why. They totally rocked everyperson in attendance. I was way back in the crowd and still got into it. They are amazing live and worth a bit of a drive to see. Finally we sat in the Gibson lounge and listened to Oasis who closed their decent hit filled set with a Who cover. Then it was a few minutes of Widespread Panic and off to the buses and home.


lua said...

happy birthday to my wife.
went to gretchen's play this weekend...oh wait that is what i expected to read. i forgot you are still 2 weeks behind.

ryan said...

ummmm you forget watching the Arcade fire watch the frames part of the day and PG funny looking cigarette..

B.J. said...

PG's funny looking cigarette? Was he smoking Ryan's pole again? I thought you guys went to see Winger too... Where's the pics?