Monday, October 10, 2005

At home on a Monday afternoon

Well Liam and I are holding down the fort today. He is a bit under the weather. PG and Sarah were treated to an exciting few minutes of me being puked all over yesterday, at least we were outside. After a morning of sleep we are now back in action. Pumpkin Patch here we come.
G! Is now and for the next three months my old lady. Her birthday was fairly low key. Her new coffee maker looks like it could be flown to the moon.
I hooked the stereo and cd changer up in the living room and filled the changer with music. It has been on random all day and has played some pretty sweet stuff. It really seems to like Nick Cave and the Bad Seed.


ryan said...

Guster was the band we couldnt think of the other day that was playing. Oh and found the phone

lua said...

not that it matters, but i am only 2 months older. thanks for cleaning.

B.J. said...

Damn.. Everyone is getting sick lately. Mark, wash your hands. And not because Ryan was just over... If you know what I mean.