Thursday, October 06, 2005

Playin catch up.

I really need to keep up with this blog. I did want to say that Em invited us all over for some awesome chili this last weekend and try as we might we were unable to eat it all befor okryan made it home. We did manage to completely stress him out with a well placed phone call(did he actually cry when we said the chili was all gone?) Thanks again for a great evening. I'll try toget the rest of my ACL recap up soon.
Something about this picture reminds me of Em.


ryan said...

brrrrr it must be cold on the set

lua said...

ok- those are not real- they were added later for your viewing pleasure. ryan didn't even read the post. and is it her eyes or her neatly kempt hair that reminds you of Em? ok, so I am jealous. Myy birthday is Sat., I took the lsat, it is homecomming, and all you talk about is tricking ryan to think that he didn't get chilli? is your brain really that simple? it's a good thing you are pretty and have a large girth.