Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back from Montreal

Ahh the great white north, Sunday I caught my first show in Montreal at a great little venue La Tulipe. I've got to send a big "thank you" to False 45th for letting me tag along. He was an excellent host and thank god he knew his way around Montreal(and he isn't an axe murderer).
We arrived at the club just moments late. Up here shows start right when they say they will, something that rarely happens in Oklahoma. In effect we missed maybe one song. The Spinto band put on a great show. I know I've said it countless times before but I love to see a band that enjoys themselves on stage. The Spintos have a very exuberant stage presence, lots of banter with the crowd, spastic dancing, bobble headed head bopping and one of the guitarists is fond of the mini windmill. Going in the Spinto band was the act I was most familiar with and they played a short set(maybe 40 minutes?) that felt longer. One of the highlights was a cover of ELO's classic Mr. Blue Sky that included the singer for W.A.S. and a guitarist for Art Brut on drunken backing vocals. They ended with Oh Mandy.
Download - The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy

I was looking forward to Art Brut's set for the simple fact that the internet has been full of reports on how great they are live and guess what, they are right on. Live Art Brut are the best kind of rock band, loud, fun and not at all serious. Songs that seem a bit repetitive and simplistic on disc sound like perfect rockers on stage. They truly make you feel like you could and should start a band immediately opened with the first few bars of Back in Black before launching into Formed a Band. The between song banter was largely about what each song was about, or good natured jabs at We Are Scientists. The show also sported a "mosh pit", something that I had seen the last of years ago. The pits at this show rivaled anything from the mosh pits early 90's hayday. Things got so wild that the crowd was admonished to dance safely. At one point the singer jumped off the stage and walked right past me singing as he made his way aound the club. They were a great act and I think I had a smile on my face the entire set.

Download - Art Brut - Formed a Band

Download - Art Brut - Modern Art

I really haven't listened to much from We Are Scientists so I wasn't expecting too much from their show, besides how do you follow a perfect set from Art Brut. With great songs, male nudity, synchronized dances, pies and a 15 minute 14 person cover of the Eagles "Hotel California", that's how. Musically W.A.S. had it wired, this was the last date of the tour for them and they went all out. They covered art brut's "Bang Bang Rock and Roll" with some help and synchronized dancing from the entire Spinto Band dressed in oversive W.A.S. shirts. They spent a lot of time between songs talking shit(good naturedly) about Art Brut. Towards the end of the set the basses jumped off stage, made his way throughout the still churning "mosh pit" and played in the middle of the floor in a circle of concert goers(false 45th and I were right on the edge of said circle). He then made his way back on stage and stripped down to a pair of pink underwear, apparently he had been wearing the same outfit for the past three weeks as part of a bet, which he won. The last song featured the Spinto Band(wearing W.A.S. underwear on their heads) throwing pies in the faces of all the band members. Then they were joined onstage by all of Art Brut and The Spinto Band for an excellent cover of "Hotel California". It was quite simply a great rock and roll show.

Download - We Are Scientists - The Great Escape


Anonymous said...

Your writing style is increasingly becoming more elegant. I enjoy reading your reviews for the obvious reasons and also for the one afore mentioned.

Flatlander said...

Actually, I am an axe murderer. I just let you off easy!

Great review of the show. I think I'm just going to link to your review with a few additional comments thrown in.

By the way, I uploaded a few of my videos from the show onto YouTube. The sound is sucky but you can still get a good sense of how much fun everyone was having from the videos. Here they are:

Art Brut Whipping the Crowd into a Frenzy with "Good Weekend"

Chris Cain of We Are Scientists Stripping Down to His Underwear for "The Great Escape"

All Three Bands on Stage for "Hotel California" with Eddie Argos Singing

Flatlander said...

By the way, it was fun catching the show with you. Hopefully, we'll see some more.

Bill Simmon (of Candleblog fame), his wife and I are going up for The Decemberists on Nov. 5th (Sunday night). Let me know if you want to go.

Anonymous said...

Wtf? Art Brut went on before We Are Scientists? Seriously, wtf?

After catching Art Brut at the Pitchfork Festival this summer (I guest reviewed it for Flatlander), it's clear there's absolutely no stopping the juggernaut that is Art Brut.


sumobeats said...

Nice review! Liked the songs!

Flatlander said...

TK, Art Brut and We Are Scientists were co-headlining the tour. So, they took turns each night going last.