Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Built to spill quickie

My computer is still acting up, im being flooded by pop ups, any ideas? My nice long concert review was somehow deleated or something so here is a quickie.
I scored a cheaper than face value ticket from a guy who bought several in April.
I drank two long trails.
I liked the opening band the Prids enough to buy their album.
The middle band had a great first song and the rest wasn't.
Some drunk college kid took a picture with my beard.
Built to Spill was amazing. Doug sounded just like he does on disc(amazing) and the guitar solos almost knocked my socks off.
I amost hit two deer on the way home and was in bed by 2:00.

Download: Built to Spill - Goin against your mind

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sumobeats said...

Save all your files and reformat that's the easiest way in my book!!