Thursday, October 26, 2006

Put it in the trash

I was tracked down at recess today to find out that my youngest had thrown up, twice. We ended up watching the Muppet Show on the couch most of the day. When I asked about him being sick he said "the chocolate milk made my stomach hurt so I threw it in the trash can with my mouth"... nice. He couldn't explain throwing up on the school nurse.


ryan said...

is that a recent pic because isn't it like 30 degrees and LB is in shorts and a tshirt?

lua said...

sounds like he explained it pretty well. that is the same explaination he gave me and i thought it sounded much nicer- so i did not correct him. and yes- he likes to wear short sleeves- even in the cold, but he ususally has on a coat. he says long sleeves hurt his wrists. go figure.

dia said...

Explain to me the person standing next to him with the handless sleeve. Did the shirt hurt your wrists too?