Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Dead Milkmen/Call to Arms

Sometimes at work I have time to check out the stock at the store and in so doing I made a shocking discovery... We don't carry any of The Dead Milkmen's discs except for their questionable greatest hits album(most of their best work isn't there). Not only that but we can't even order anything, it's all out of print! What is wrong with this world? One of the Greatest bands in the world is out of print? I have great memories of singing these songs at work during high school. Main and I had the intro to Bitchen Camero down cold and would do it all the time. The Milkmen are still a staple on my ipod even if G! usually rolls her eyes when they come on. The two times I saw them live were way back when I first started going to concerts. I still remember when Roddy Bottoms made fun of Jessica from the stage. Phil wore the Not Richard but Dick shirt for ever and I still have my Soul Rotation shirt even if it is falling to pieces. If anyone wants to get me or themselves on go here. I'll take the classic logo in white please.
Luckily you can still order most of the disc here. I don't know why we can't get them in the store. I have the first three albums on cassette and vinyl so I guess I'd better try to get them on CD.

I feel like I should find a guitarist and bassist and start a Dead Milkmen cover band. Maybe I will, first I'll try to think of a name, is The Bleach Boys too obvious? How bout Crystal Shit?

Download - The Dead Milkmen - Bitchin Camero
Download - The Dead Milkmen - The Woman who was also a Mongoose
Download - The Dead Milkmen - Bleach Boys

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