Thursday, October 19, 2006

Staring at Sound

I just finished the book Flaming Lips:Staring at Sound by this guy.
The book is a pretty comprehensive history of the band and their many incarnations. It should be said that the author is admittedly a fan and friend of the band. That doesn't stop him from painting Wayne as a closet control freak but the criticism is short lived and sporadic with much of the book praising the bands dedication to creativity and underlining the work ethic of the core group. Most fans of the band are familiar with the bands story so I won't rehash it here but they do cover Steven's drug use and the book goes right up to the recording sessions for the Lips latest release At war with the Mystics. Overall this is a well written and engaging looks at one of my favorite bands.
Download - The Flaming Lips - Mr. Ambulance Driver
Buy - Staring at Sound

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