Thursday, December 07, 2006

Glen and Henry 4 ever

I was just surfing around on the net and came across this picture that reminded me of a great comic by a couple of guys from the Igloo Tornado collective. I'll try to dig up my copy and maybe post a page or two(i'll ask Scot first). Anyway the primise of the comic is a huge "what if...", What if Glen Danzig(Misfits, Danzig) and Henry Rollins(Black Flag, Rollins Band) were a couple? Are you laughing already? Download - Rollins Band - Burned Beyond Recognition


Anonymous said...

Speaking of comics, I decided to do mine about a rabbit who offers a tree a cigarette and causes a forest fire. Here's some unfinished panels
I did briefly consider your gangsta rappers who secretly fight crime idea. I can't draw golden teeth/ gun fights very well though.


losergoes1st said...

brilliant. if you can't find your copy i'll post a few pages soon. not our finest work, but pretty damn funny (and each run has sold out).