Thursday, February 11, 2010

Black Flag

I think most music fans of a certain age at least know of Black Flag and their place in the American punk/dyi scene. Acording to my itunes i've listened to "Rise Above" five times and "T.V. Party" twice since i switched to my new computer in mid January so to me they are still plenty relevant. They were a great musical force but you know that, I want to look at pictures.
The band and Henry Rollins in particular photographed really well. I suppose it was simply a mesh of the intensity of the performances and the iffy lighting of the punk clubs but whatever it is it looks great.

I know all of these are from the Rollins Black Flag years and extend into his solo career but my brain can't really diffrentiate the two.

Yea, the back tattoo, who didn't want that on them at some point?

He stays in shape.

Ahh the long haired period.

It made this look even more shocking. Gotta love the classic Vans.

How many sit ups do you think that took?

Short shorts are so punk rock.

The beard just doesn't seem right, but the squinty eye is perfect.

Iconic shot.

Henry is feelin it.

Black and white is really the way to go with these guys.

You've gotta appreciate the fact that he's still singing. I really hope he slapped that bald kid on the top of the head.