Thursday, February 04, 2010

Movie watching

I like keeping pointless lists, because of this I know that i watched 119 movies in 2009. I should qualify that by saying that I watched 119 different movies this year, lord knows I watched Step Brothers and The hangover at least 10 times each. In the spirit of oversharing, which is what a blog is all about, here they are. I included the official tagline(if they had one) for each one and a sentence or two on my thoughts.
1. Twilight (2008) “When you can live forever what do you live for?” Meh, pretty much the same reaction I had to the book.
2. Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels”(1998) “A disgrace to criminals everywhere” Guy Richie at his best.
3. Starship Troopers III: Marauders (2008) “You know what to do, get in there and kill ‘em all” Strictly unthinking action. The alien bugs are cool looking.
4. Eagle Eye (2008) “If you want to live you will obey” I was impressed.
5. Baby Mama (2008) “Would you put your eggs in this basket?” Pretty funny, nothing too memorable.

6. Pet Cemetery (1989) “ Sometimes dead is better”. Is this the best Stephen King novel -turned- movie? Damn that’s a creepy cat.
7. Without A Paddle: Nature’s Calling (2009) "Three guys, one chance, no plan” Not the funniest thing ever but boobs are always nice.
8. Idle Hands (1999) “ The touching story of a boy and his right hand” Sheer awesomeness.
9. Alien Raiders (2008) A well done low budget film.

10. Taken (2008) “They took his daughter, he’ll take their lives” I still can’t get over the fact that Paris shows up in lots of films and when it does I can usually tell where in the city the action is taking place. This movie was amazing but will put you off ever letting your daughter out of your sight. Liam Neeson is a bad ass.

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Lavina said...

Congratulation your have made a century in watching movies in 2009. I have also watch 100 movies but not in theater.I like your overview of 10 films. I usually watch movies in my Satellite TV