Monday, August 22, 2005

Happiness in Slavery

So I'm getting desperate for a solution to my problem. What is the best was to ditch your best friend's rehearsal dinner and after party with the groom and not piss off the bride. Oh and the party is alcohol free. And the bride is high strung/ volatile? Any suggestions would be welcome. Iron & Wine and Calexico are in town that night at the Cain's.

G! Broke out the made from scratch rolls for dinner tonight and they rule. My baby can cook when she wants to.

By the way I have a lot of Nine Inch nails.

And one last thing p311nut says eyebrows are over rated.


ryan said...

Jedi mind trick

Luke said...

I suggest shaving your eyebrows, and dressing like Ryan. Automatic get outta Jail Free Card!!

I jest Ryan, I jest.

Who's wedding is this? No alcohol?
Nothing will be sacred when I go for it, as the church will probably engulf in flames the moment I enter.

dia said...

Just don't go...fuck em. And that picture leaves little to the this good or bad?

dia said...

I meant the picture of Liz Phair...whoops, different post.

Hamel said...

Go get your appendix or tonsils taken out. You could still go to the concert, but tell them you had surgery so you weren't able to attend their bash.

Anonymous said...

Or, how about just not go at all. It doesn't sound like you'll have much fun. Especially, if the bride is high-strung / volatile, or in other words, a mega-bitch. I agree with Dia. Fuck 'em. Don't go. Who really gives a shit? It can't be fun with no alcohol. Who's stupid fucking wedding is this anyway? Cheers to Iron and Wine!!