Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Six Degrees of Leon.

So I have some pictures from the Kings of leon's performance at ACL two years ago up in my room and yesterday this girl walks in and tells me that they are her cousins. She had backstage passes to the Cain's show. She then commenced to tell me that they were going to be in Norman this weekend for the OU game. I quickly guaranteed her an "A" for a personalized autograph or a detailed itinerary of their stay in Oklahoma. Hey B.J. did you notice the OSU shirt in the picture?
Well great news, My Dad and Brother are fine. I got the call last night near midnight. They didn't sustain any serious damage but I guess downtown Mobile(where they both work) is completely thrashed. They had been without electricity of phone service all day and had missed that airconditioner. I was definitely glad to here from them.

BJ's answers to the music quiz were greatly appreciated and quite clever as always.

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