Monday, August 29, 2005

Tell me not to worry.

Well My brother and father are in Mobile Alabama and I still haven't heard from them. I'm not terribly worried I mean my dad has a lot of guns so everything should be fine right? Anyway the pictures from downtown Mobile aren't reassuring.
In other news G! has determined that we don't watch enough T.V. and so we are now officially sans cable television. So don't even talk to me about the shows I am missing because I may cut you.
The ACL trip is about to get complicated due to a break-up between two of our traveling companions. Besides that I'm afraid my funds will be very limited. Are kidneys still getting a good price on the black market? But in the good news category I found my hotel confirmation stuff so now I'm sure which hotel we will be staying in.


ryan said...

maybe they are in Oz? Andrea is still driving right? I will get around to taping the soccer and subterranean so you'll have something to watch ohhh and the Daily show Also I'll give ya $5 for the kidney..

B.J. said...

Good to hear your dad and bro are ok... Not good to hear about the cable! Time to start expanding that DVD collection. I'll get on the pron dvd's post haste. About the concert thing... I mean, if the only problem is her not having someone there to please her sexually on the trip, I could maybe step in. I'd have to have a discussion with Natalie, but I think she knows some sacrifices have to be made for music.