Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the wedding

There are two things that make a good wedding.
1. Good people
2. Free beer
This wedding had both. It was an outside wedding so while it wasn't hot as hell it was hot as shit. The place was amazing. It was some kind of tree place so it had that going for it. The reception was indoors and that was where the beer was.
Main didn't know we were coming and seemed genuinly surprised and happy we were there. Rainwater and Bagby were the groomsmen, something i was unaware of so it was a great surprise to me that they were there. Main, a married man.
Scott got shit done during the ceremony.
Bagby rockin the stash and walkin the aisle.
It was hard to spend much time with the guys since it was a wedding but we had some quality time together and i am amazed at how easy it is to just fall into a groove with those guys like we've been hanging out together every day.
Scot you missed an awesome Black Keys performance.

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lua said...

your stache kicks his stache's ass...