Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sonic Youth @ The Cains

Another fine show at the Cain's ballroom, and probably my last show there.Ryan, B.J. and I went to witness the dissonant genius that is Sonic Youth. The show was great. The Beer was cold. The merchandise was sweet.
The set was a good mix of old and new. They played "100%" and Ryan's favorite "Or". I must admit that I recognized several of the songs but don't know the names of them. The cool thing about the music live is how much sense it makes. The crazy noise and guitar shredding stuff really makes sense live. I really can't explain it better than that but it is cool. Thurston Moore looks like he did 10 years ago. It is really astounding. I found myself right in front of him for the second half of the show(I came out of the bathroom and was able to walk right up to the stage) and was amazed at how young he looked. Kim Gordon looks great. I won't go on and on about her but she is a fox. I wish I had a video of the cool dance she does. Did I mention that we lost count of the guitar changes at 20. The guitar techs earn their pay.
Ryan and I started the evening drinking our beloved Fat Tire but had to switch to Bud Light at the show a definite down grade. Jigga saved us with some Heiniken and at the end of the night we ended up at Whataburger. I also need to point out that BJ was rocking the collared shirt, concert shoes and the nose ring, fresh.
Sonic youth had some sweet merch. They had a big beach towel, frisbees, vinyl and shirts. I bought a cool shirt that reads "100% Dirty Sonic Youth".

Download = Or - Sonic Youth
Download = Kool Thang - Sonic Youth

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sumobeats said...

Very Nice! Sonic Youth was one of my favorite shows in Portland! Lindsey had breakfast with Thurston Moore, ask her about it.