Thursday, June 29, 2006

At the feet of the master

Sometimes listening to BJ is like sitting at the feet of the master and just waiting for pearls of wisdom to fall. BJ has come up with a way to honor the past in order to enhance the present. BJ has formulated a plan to bring back that middle school favorite opposite day. But BJ is using it to get laid. The plot centers on your ability to asses your lovers mood. If you can tell that she is about to shut you down just ask straight out for sex. If she says no then kindly inform her that it is opposite day and bam you are in. Genius.


sumobeats said...

Effective for blow jobs too?

B.J. said...

My name isn't B.J. for nothing.

Star Jones said...

I'se gwine down by de ribber to eat mahseff some wadymellon
oh I do lob dat BJ he mind me of when my lil toe when it swole up and some lil white come suck on it cause he like dat pus
Do you hab Barbara Walters new phone number I caint get her ?