Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Blowout

When I was growing up in Sapulpa there was this event every year called Sapulpafest. It was like the ugly stepchild of the fair. You were guaranteed to see numerous mulletts, fried everything and several couples walking around with their hands in each other's back pockets. That event has warped into the route 66 blowout. Basically it is Sapulpafest without dangerous held together with bailing wire rides but with cars. Lots of cars. We go every year. Chloe and Dylan are contemplating the dragon. The dragon is an inflatable thing like a jupiter jump except you crawl into its mouth and come out its ass.
I found it, a car that the entire family can fit into. You can't really appreciate it's size from the picture but there were two of mere's couches in the back.
Caleb heading up the Pirate ship themed jupiter jump. Why didn't we get this for prom?

Dylan being shit out of the dragon. After being coaxed into the dragon he sat down in front of one of the windows in the side of the beast and refused to move. Fifteen minutes later he emerged.


lua said...

i cannot see the dragon pic, but dylans hair is getting long, eh? ahh sapulupa fest, i once bought a multi-colored jack daneils baseball cap there- i think i was 8...who sells a jd cap to an 8 year old? a hard core carney, thats who!

Anonymous said...

I remeber the chinese stars they were great until my mom found then. Ooooooh Sapulpa Fest. The counties biggest flea market or the aaa carney league whatever.Pg