Saturday, June 24, 2006

They have arrived!Just in time for our exit from the cup.

This post is for Scot and Ryan, I'm guessing they are the only ones that care about shoes and soccer, well maybe Shelby and Luke will appreciate these. Nike has a website where you can design color schemes for several different styles of shoes and clothes and various accessories. Now the coolness of this is a much debated topic among sneaker heads but we won't get into that. In the weeks leading up to the World Cup Nike featured a soccer specific Dunk that could be customized with a limited number of colors and logo designs. In the clutches of World Cup excitement I designed a pair. In my defense I've been talking about getting a pair of dunks for quite awhile and these were actually cheaper then most of the ones I've seen in stores.
aside - Scot, I tried on a pair of the dunk NLs in Chicago and they were quite comfy. I probably needed a half size smaller but they really felt pretty good. Check the back of the shoes, notice the "Don't Tread" where it usually says "Nike". You may be aware that Nike has a World Cup campaign for the US team based on the classic slogan "Don't Tread On Me". Nike, of coarse, produces the MNT uniforms and gear and sponsors a lot of the players.
There weren't a lot of color choices but the three colors they had were perfect for me. These are reminiscent of the Jordan I's colorwise but whose complaining about that? It sounds geeky but the hardest decision for me to make was what color of laces I should use.
Here you can see some more of the details. Notice the tongue has the snake wrapped around the soccer ball. Also if you've seen the nike print ads about "This American game" that whole speil is on the sock liner insert with the snake superimposed on it. It's hard to tell here but the black leather has a snakeskin pattern on it.
Check this it came in a sweet NIKE id box and the shoes were in this faux leather bag stamped with the Nike id logo and the words "individually designed", a nice little detail. Well there they are my self designed colorway nike dunks. I've seen them called the "Don't Tread" dunks on a couple of web sites but on the box they were shipped in under shoe name they were called Dunk - draw blood. Wow, I'm geeking out here so' I'll stop.


lua said...

um, yeah- wasn't addias the official sponsor of the world cup? yeah, i think they were-so nike is profiting off of your purchase, just to bank, right? exploiting a sport and it's event for their own benefit? uh-hum yeah, just checking. nice kicks, tho.

losergoes1st said...

wow! those kicks rock. i was also bummed by the lack of color choices, but you definitely came up with a solid colorway. i've been laying low lately, waiting for the new undftd in silverlake to open (also been saving pennies, the new house takes precedent over buying new kicks). any shoe stores near the univ. of vt? drop me a line so we can talk shop and not sound too geeky on the blog.

Joe said...

I know you don't care about the sweatshop thing but there's a funny story about a guy who tried to get "sweatshop" on the side of his nike id's at

sumobeats said...

Very nice! Like the color combo. You are truly a nike disciple.

Dia said...

Hey Mark,
I met the director of Marketing (Europe division) for Footlocker in Amsterdam. I told him about your dream to be a Footlocker Manager and your insane love of Nike shoes...more like your obsession. He loved it and thought you would be a great addition to Footlocker. Said it was real easy to move up in the ranks in their company. Just start as a shoe salesman and you can work your way up no problem. Think of it...all those shoes.

lua said...

you know everybody!!