Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chicago in reverse

Here is Chicago as we were leaving. Rainy and overcast, the weather had been great all weekend.
Sarah and I got up early this morning in order to take a little walk and see the part of millennium park that we had missed the night before. We had breakfast at a corner bakery. Sarah had a "commuter croissant" a complete misnomer. After breakfast we walked to the lake. This fountain came on about two seconds before this picture was taken. I think it's funny.
Can you see the lake in the background? It's sarah's second great lake.

What a great weekend. I'm reporting in reverse because the memory card from the first day is buried in a bag somewhere. Before you ask, yes we did listen to Sufjan Steven's album Come on feel the Illinoise. Here is one of the tracks for you to download and listen to as you read the following posts.
Chicago - Sufjan

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ryan said...

Both of you are rocking the local t-shirts... so cute! we have lots off soccer to watch and beer to drink