Monday, September 19, 2005

A day with no tickets.

Em and I went to the movies today and saw The Constant Gardener. It was unbelievable. It was directed by the guy who did City of God and had that same kind of camera work and editing that put you right there in the film. The movie poster is a bit misleading, I don't remember him pointing a gun at anything or anyone but there was plenty of action. Em and I discussed what the best outfit would be for being on the run set on revenge and decided that a pink t-shirt and khakis was not the right look but the boots were practical enough. My one worry is that G! Will see this movie and immediately move us to the Sudan to begin saving the people there.

It was a good day overall, big thanks to Ryan for lending me his lady, she's a good date.

Listening to the new David gray CD A Life in Slow Motion. So far so good.

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ryan said...

tell me about came home to a kick ass dinner and cup cakes......