Friday, September 16, 2005

I have to lie in the middle of the floor.

Why didn't i know that the Kings of Leon are going to be in OKC next month? All i can think about right now is the Wilco show on thursday and then ACL. G! is going to see pavorotti tomorrow night. That should be very cool, he's big.
Anonymous has been posting lots of comments; wanting me to buy electronics and have a bigger penis and go off to hell. I'm sorry. i think your boobs rock. It took me forever to find that comment.


Anonymous said...

Waiting to have babies "defies nature" say UK docs
Women who wait until their late 30s to have children are "defying nature and risking heartbreak," leading obstetricians in the UK say.
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kingdomforavoice said...

Damn you anonymous, what in the hell are you talking about?

ryan said...

I think they want babies and know your a factory, why am i just finding out about KOL from your midgetless blog?

markjones1670 said...

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