Monday, September 12, 2005

This is not a blog devoted to the Kings of Leon.

Well I got me Kings of Leon autograph today. The only drawback is that they signed the back of a ticket to the OU vs. TU game(pretty funny, right B.J.). Caleb wrote "flunk her" next to his name.
This weekend the Blue & White Tigers had their first victory. Chloe scored a beautiful shot off of a throw in!
G! has been cooking up a storm. Lasagna and apple pie last night!! I'm a lucky man.
If you get a chance ask Ryan to see the fall table, it is impressive.
Phil is now our confirmed driver for the ACL trip. Good times are about to commence.
I spent a lot of time on The dead milkmen's site last night. They have several great videos for download and the classic shirts are awesome(christmas is just around the corner).


ryan said...

what do you think the odds will be for the Kings to sign one of the pics from the concert either cains or Austin??? and the odds better be good or your ticket may disappear

ryan said...

check this ryan reveiw out on NPR

Anonymous said...

You know, I have seen this fall table of which you speak. It is a 'regular' harvest wonderland, a veritable "cornucopia" if you will of autumnal splendor. I highly suggest the viewing of this silly wooden cradle of ridiculous and opulent baubles. I 'tis a masterpiece. And, the girl that put it together is super hot and gives great blowjobs.

kingdomforavoice said...

You bet she does.

like electric space said...

what happend to all my "balls" comments? hahah, rock.

i will see you in the morn. glad you liked the shirt designs, ohhhh those tattoos. *shudders*

i have totally been wearing the "dali" stache on my finger and cleverly sticking it up to my mouth. well over my mouth. haha...