Thursday, September 08, 2005


A big thank you to Ryan, I just finished watching the USA v. Mexico match and it was awesome. I'm currently streaming the Guatemala match but hey, it don't matter... We goin to Germany. Now there is like an outside chance that I will be in France at the beginning of the world cup and you know which country is right next door! I'm sure the matches will be hella expensive to get into but just imagine seeing a world cup match...
We are trying to get a team together for the spring outdoor season. They have just opened a co-ed division. We would still have to play with the young kids but that's I-yite.
I worked on "Hey Jude" for awhile this evening but the callouses have softened up on me. I guess that's ok because due to a lot of alcohol and a misunderstanding Ryan no longer has a guitar. But he does have an electric lawnmower that I need to borrow!
edit - My spellcheck wanted to replace lawnmower with Lenora? What the hey?


B.J. said...

Electric lawnmower? You guys do live in Oklahoma, right? I thought you could only use those pussy things in like Jersey or something.

Alcohol & a misunderstanding and he lost his guitar? Sounds like a country song. Or, does his guitar gently weep for him now?

B.J. said...

p.s. - Mark, we need to work on your code a bit. I think you've screwed up the RSS feed somehow, because my reader just gives me an XML parse error for your site. Get off your ass and get it fixed!

ryan said...

yes Mark fix your damn XMLZZ $ RSSS feed geez what kind of shitty blog you running here. Yes alcohol was the cause and will be the solution to my guitar problem. I can now play the blues though