Thursday, September 22, 2005

I don't have a thing to wear.

ACL is only two days away and so is Hurricane Rita. So my question is what do you pack for Hurricane influenced weather? I guess rain is possible so an extra pair of shoes and a rain jacket. Will it be cold? I threw in a pair of jeans. Any suggestions?
My home screen printing is going very well, i was very pleased with the results.
The Wilco show tomorrow night is getting more and more complicated.

So the Hornets are relocating to OKC for the time being. Tickets start at $10, i think this might be the perfect opportunity to catch some pro ball. As soon as i find a schedule the plans will begin.

I've been thinking about which bands i'm most excited to see this weekend so here they are in no particular order.

1. The Arcade Fire

2. Death Cab For Cutie

3. The Fiery Furnaces

4. Spoon

5. The Black keys

6. The Decemberists

7. Bloc party

8. Kasabien

9. Coldplay

10. Rilo Kiley

I'm listening to the new My Morning Jacket cd. It's tasty.


Anonymous said...

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ryan said...

I too have a mortgage calculator... Friday its going to be hella hot so I am in my spedo, Sat& Sun rain poncho and thats it.....

ryan said...


hell is chrome
handshake drugs
ashes of american flags
'on and on and on' - the first new song??
at least that's what you said
war on war
jesus, etc
muzzle of bees
SHOT IN THE don't even know...they blew it up...
and then...
Via Chicago.
I've heard this song many times. What Wilco did to it tonight...
i can't even
i don't
sonic expression of death and sweet time changes and love for a second.
...the second new song, the ragtime bluesy tune.??
I'm the man who loves you
spiders (kidsmoke)

E1 (the rant)
Late Greats
I'm A Wheel

I shall be released

There was a Christ for President in there also, but i didn't write it down...