Sunday, September 18, 2005

Let's jump on this bandwagon, Pronto!!

Can you believe this? It's like some sort of trend. I say we all get in now while it's still "underground" I call the foomanchu, Ryan can have the Hitler, bj you've got the Dali.
Well I got pulled over tonight and thank god for friends on the force or it could have been ugly.
Dylan's birthday was today and much fun was had at the park. The playground party quickly became a water party for D, who needs a swimsuit.
Gretchen is still a the Poverotti concert.
I am listening to the newRyan Adams album Jacksonville(thanks okryan). It is awesome. He and the cardinals are embracing his alt-countryness. A couple of these we heard at the Dallas show this summer.
I heard from Thomas, he bought Illinois and is checking into concerts. I need to get him to check into world cup tickets, just in case I'm there next summer. I mean come on, Germany is only a couple of hours away by train.
I got to hang out with Dave this evening for just a little while. He is very cool and I hope he becomes a regular(and I'm not just saying that because he might read this).
Nerdbowl starts on monday so that is one more of my evenings that is shot. Now only wednesday is still sacred and activity free.
The count down to ACL is on.

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Luke said...

I call the pencil-thin mustache!