Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bishop Allen

By now everyone knows how awesome Bishop Allen are and how Charm School is a great album and the Ep every month project is churning out some great tunes but did you know that they played Boston the first week we were here and I missed it? I will see them. Download: Ghosts are good company from Charm School
Download: People you meet from Charm School

Download: Eve of Destruction from Charm School

Download: Corazon from January EP

On a personal note I may have found a part time job, I wore a jacket to the interview. On Thursday I go to get fingerprinted so I can substitute. I had dinner at the Dean's house and saw a kid touch an electric fence... I didn't laugh even though it made him slap a donkey.


Flatlander said...

Montpelier's own Kris Gruen opened for Bishop Allen that night down in Boston. He said BA sounded good and they place was just about sold out (200 capacity). Pretty good for a Tuesday night with all the students still on summer break.

Anonymous said...

He should have pissed on that fence that would have been better. PG