Monday, September 18, 2006


Banksy seems to be everywhere right now. This gaffitti artist/revolutionary just had a big opening in the US and his pieces were going for 100K plus! That is just incredible. His "art" pieces are pretty cool, i'd love to get my hands on one.
But his outdoor graffiti stuff is where it's at. Go to his site and check out what this guy is putting up, especially his stuff from the west bank.
In other art new you can pick up some awesome pieces from the Igloo Tornado collective at their new show in L.A. You can get a little preview from their site Igloo Tornado or from the Losergoes1st site, or here .


ryan said...

* Sodom, South Georgia
* Upward Over the Mountain
* Free Until They Cut Me Down*
* Evening on the Ground (Lilith's song)
* Peace*
* Sinning Hands
* Freedom Hangs like Heaven
* On Your Wings
* Jezebel
* Naked As We Came
* Radio War*
* Trapeze Swinger

losergoes1st said...

saw the banksy show on friday, right before the shit hit the fan and there was a 2 HOUR LINE to get in to see the show. the live elephant was a trip, and the setting was cool, but his work needs to be seen site specific and not in a gallery. the production values on those 100K paintings that brad and angelina bought? fucking pathetic. genius marketing though. i'm going to put some picts i took from the show up soon even though you can see them on every other la art blog.

sumobeats said...

Love the art! Good lookin' out... You better polish your tai chi skills because i'm coming up there for chirstmas!
Did Mom tell you that Bob got a new Harley? She got a new helmet but said she passed on the leather halter top! Bob gets mad when she gets on because she pauses... I don't think they have health insurance. So obviously the motorcycle is a great idea.