Monday, September 11, 2006

Mates of State

So one of our families favorite bands Mates of State are going on tour and taking along one of our favorite Oklahoma bands The Starlight Mints(Chloe's first concert). Unfortunately the Massachusetts dates are this week. You can see the Mates new video for Like u Crazy on mtvu(follow the link). It's a pretty good video reminicent of the Smashing Pumpkins video Tonight,Tonight.
Download - Mates of State - Like u crazy

Download - Starlight Mints - Rhino Stomp

Tonight most of the Vermont Bloggers are at the Rogue Wave concert, regretfully I couldn't make it. I'm sure we will see great posts over the show in the next couple of days and I do plan on being at the Built to Spill show.
Caleb's first band performance was tonight at the Chelsea 9-11 gathering. His cymbal playing was excellent. The festivities also included a bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace, a women's quartet that consisted of a new hymn about the evils of terrorism and a two fiddle, guitar group that played God Bless America but didn't bother to tune up before playing. I didn't take my digital camera but i did have the video camera with me.
In other news I started a new part time job at a large book store in West Lebanon that has a no blogging policy. Next time you see me ask me the name of it and I may tell you(if you promise not to blog about it.)


ryan said...
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Flatlander said...

The Rogue Wave show was fun but nothing spectactular. The best band of the night was actually Foreign Born. Caught all of us by surprise. They sounded great.

I'm hoping to finally write my review of the show this weekend. Greg at PagesWithin has his up already.

Flatlander said...

By the way, Greg and I are going up to Montreal next week to catch Asobi Seksu on Tuesday and Lambchop on Saturday. If you are interested in going to either show and riding with us, let me know. We always enjoy company.